About Us

In 1991, my dog search began. Although I was certain that a large breed dog was what I wanted, I took the time to research. There were many different breeds that I studied: analyzing temperament, background, & health concerns. Even the breeders and their breeding programs didn’t escape my questioning. It was extremely important to me to have a healthy & happy dog!

To my delight, I came upon Kerilyn Campbell of Hause v. Lowen Kennels and Iwan better known as “Handsome”. Handsome was a Leonberger that lived in Los Angeles, California. He was a gentle giant and I was taken in by his sweet temperament. However, it wasn’t until a very rainy dog show afternoon that I made up my mind a Leonberger was the large breed dog that would someday share my home.

The dog show was running behind and there were about twenty Leos that had settled down for a long wait in the rain. I was about to leave – it was raining after all – when a child started to cry about thirty yards away from these beautiful dogs. As the child cried, all of the Leos stood – in what seemed like one unit – to investigate what was wrong. It was at this moment that I became 100% hooked on Leonbergers!

My first Leo became a part of my family in 1991. Just like his grandfather “Handsome”, Logan was a gentle giant. Since this time, I have been amazed by Leonbergers’ intelligence, loyalty and loving disposition. My family and I have been lucky enough to share our home with five of these wonderful dogs.

We have been active members of the Leonberger Club America since 1992. We enjoy many activities with our dogs, including hiking along the Blue Ridge Mountains, dog showing & agility training.

Joining a group of notable breeders as a kennel has been a long term goal and we are excited with each of our litters and dogs achievements. The Leonberger breed fosters a dependable, smart and devoted companion. We are proudly committed to the LCA breeding standards to produce sound Leonbergers both in type and temperament.

Making Leonberger dogs available is a passion we hold dear to our hearts and it is our pleasure to bring them to you through Mandolin Trails Kennel.